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Why your dreams will just be dreams

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Are you ready to hear some nasty truth? Let’s dive right in!

Because you have it all!

Your parents in their time worked hard, day in and day out so that you wouldn’t have to struggle. Thriving in the shadows of your parents’ goodwill and hard work, you think life is just a series of college degrees and an endless of Eat-Sleep-Repeat, which should probably end up in a job. Your sense of entitlement soars through the roof, fuelling the monotony of your weekend “chill” scenes.

Because mediocre is fine!

Mediocrity is just another name for ‘one day at a time,’ and you’re living it, breathing it. Not day, but months and years have flashed by, yet you measure time in hours. You’re the living proof of your universal definition — “Master Procrastinator,” which also happens to be your IG bio. Because well, you and I both know it. It is way easier to binge-watch a crappy series on Netflix than to challenge your anxieties and learn something new, something productive each day.

Because you just cannot handle the truth!

Because mama said to reframe it as ‘positive criticism.’ You’ll fail in life. 100% guaranteed. There! I said it. You overthink, and you care too much about the seasonal sales and the newer versions of phones. Because you would have more following on TikTok than the number of hours marked for honing your constructive hobbies. You’d rather regret the next day’s hangover, week by week than put in the effort to join the 5 AM club. Well, who am I kidding?! Let’s face it; your self-improvement journey would be inclusive of the 1 Million views on “10 hacks that Millionaires adopt” rather than 572 views on “Here’s how you can wake up a 5 am”.

Because you have let the fire in you, wither out!

Heck, you aren’t strong enough to acknowledge that there is this lump of flames, burning inside your gut, gnawing you to wake up from your slumber and make something off of your life!


I am dead straight, looking into your eyes and talking to you!

Wake your life up. It isn’t over yet. Your dreams can not be just dreams.


Start by sitting the next ‘FriYAY’ out, and instead of spending your potential savings on overpriced meals and YOLO experiences, invest in practical ideas, in your ‘crazy idea’ — the ones who have the power to change the world in real sense.

I am imploring you to take one good look at yourself and ask yourself -

“What is the purpose of your life?”

“What is your thing?”

“Will you allow your dream just to be.. dreams?”

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