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Treading the line between Humility and Confidence.

Some days back, a CEO of a leadership development firm and a well-wisher shared an article with me. The article was about how Imposter syndrome is an unspoken problem at the Indian workplace, especially for women. You know, the feeling of being 'not ready yet' for a promotion or a raise is being spun off as 'humility' and 'modesty.'

A common HR statistic says where men apply for jobs even if they meet just 60 percent of the job requirements; women apply only when they think they meet 100 percent of the requirements! You can read the complete article, here ( and know real-world solutions on how to tackle such an internal limiting belief. However, here are my go-to thoughts about how you could counter and overcome the fear of making the next move.

  1. Fry Perfection! You don't have to be 'perfect.' You have to learn, to fail, to get up again, to improve, and build confidence through action. This is precisely what successful people do. Do you think you want to start small? Start small, sure but don't forget to dream big.

  2. Fail but get up! Failing should BE an option for you if you know that you have to get better at it if you fail. You have to stop sulking over your failures, give yourself another chance, and make sure your voice gets heard for you HAVE value to add in this world. This time, maybe just one door might be shut, but what if that door it was the door that malfunctioned and not your idea? You owe it to yourself to try knocking on another door. If you hit a wall, you push through it!

  3. Go after uncertainty! If you remain afraid of everything new, how will you know what life has to offer? I hate to break it to you, but no crystal ball will accurately predict your future. Don't go too hard on yourself, for you will sabotage yourself in the process. Instead, you should treat the trust you have on yourself as your future prediction and go all for it!

It is time for you to step out of your comfort zone and be ready to mess with the massive world! You have to show up to opportunities and grab them by the horns! You have to bring out your A-Game. You have to know for yourself that whatever you have to share is enough for someone else, even to change their lives!

So, what are you going to do to make your future better?

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