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TOP 5 mistakes you need to avoid when talking to a client who works at a different timezone

Welcome to the wild world of freelancing and remote work, where time zones become the ultimate obstacle course! It's like trying to bust a move on the dance floor when the DJ is playing a totally different tune.

But fear not, as here are the top five mistakes to steer clear of when chatting with clients in different time zones. Get ready to groove your way to seamless interactions and fruitful collaborations!

Mistake #1: Being Frustrated or Impatient

When you find yourself working with a client in a different time zone, it's natural to feel a tad frustrated or impatient. After all, waiting for a response or trying to coordinate schedules can be a bit challenging. But here's the thing: letting frustration get the best of you is a big no-no.

Actionable Tip: Keep your cool and maintain a positive attitude. Instead of expressing your frustration, try to understand the situation from their perspective. Use phrases like "I understand it's late for you, but…" to show empathy and acknowledge their time zone challenges. 

By approaching the situation with patience and a positive mindset, you'll foster a healthy working relationship with your client, even if they're on the other side of the world.

Mistake #2: Assuming They're Available 24/7

One common mistake when working with clients in different time zones is assuming they're available around the clock. It's important to remember that just like you, they have personal lives, sleep schedules, and commitments outside of work.

Actionable Tip: Set clear expectations and establish communication boundaries. Have an open conversation with your client about preferred communication channels and response times. By agreeing on designated time frames for communication, you can avoid the frustration of missed connections and unmet expectations. 

Instead of assuming their availability, use phrases like "Can we find a time that works for both of us?" to respect their schedule and find a mutually convenient arrangement.

Mistake #3: Neglecting Their Time Zone

Picture this: you're scheduling a meeting with a client, and without thinking, you set the time based on your own time zone. Oops! Forgetting to take their time zone into account can lead to confusion and scheduling mishaps.

Actionable Tip: Take their time zone into consideration and plan accordingly. Before scheduling any meetings or deadlines, use time zone conversion tools to ensure you're on the same page. Make it a habit to double-check the time zone when setting appointments or discussing time-sensitive matters. 

By acknowledging their time zone in your conversations, you demonstrate attentiveness and professionalism. So, remember to say something like "I've adjusted my schedule to match your time zone" to avoid any crossed wires.

Mistake #4: Forgetting to Confirm Deadlines and Deliverables

In the whirlwind of working across time zones, it's easy for important details like deadlines and deliverables to get lost in translation. Miscommunication in these areas can lead to missed expectations and frustrated clients.

Actionable Tip: Always confirm deadlines and deliverables. Don't leave anything up to assumptions or guesswork. Take the initiative to double-check and clarify the timelines with your client. Use phrases like "Just to confirm, the deadline for XYZ is…" to ensure everyone is on the same page.

By confirming these crucial details, you set clear expectations and demonstrate your commitment to delivering quality work within the agreed-upon timeframe.

Mistake #5: Not Making the Most of Overlapping Hours

While working with a client in a different time zone may require some juggling, it also presents a unique opportunity: overlapping working hours. These precious moments of shared work time can be leveraged to enhance collaboration and expedite decision-making.

Actionable Tip: Maximize the limited time by prioritizing important discussions. Identify the tasks or topics that require real-time collaboration and schedule them during the overlapping hours. This way, you can make the most of the valuable face-to-face or virtual time with your client. When you can work together in real-time, seize it! 

Use phrases like "Since we have this overlapping time, let's tackle ABC together" to initiate productive discussions. By optimizing these overlapping hours, you'll enhance efficiency and deepen your working relationship.

Remember, by avoiding these common mistakes and implementing actionable tips, you can easily navigate the challenges of working with clients in different time zones.

So, embrace the time zone differences, keep your cool, and make the most of your cross-continental collaborations!

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