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The Future Is Not Female

In the crowded chaos of feminism, the real definition of it takes a hit.

Feminism is not the existence of a single force.

Neither is feminism, the repression of other sexes.

Feminism is the chance at equal opportunity, like everyone else, in every domain.

Understanding it will take just two steps:

Step 1: Give women an equal shot at every task.

Step 2: Then judge their capabilities later on, without any bias.

It is as simple as that.

Dangal, a 2016 Bollywood movie which went on to rake ₹2,000 crores (US$330 million) and

became the highest-grossing Indian film ever, won the challenge of prophesizing feminism, in its truest sense.

It diligently proved those two steps and BAM!

That is feminism.

Broadcasting thoughts that perpetuate the ‘winning’ of only women is surely emphasizing the dire need for equality but this is also sending out the wrong message.

It is extending a wrong meaning to the whole notion of feminism, as a concept.

Not to forget, undermining the importance of the co-existence of sexes, peacefully.

Clearly, the future is not female rather equality.

Finally, the future is rewarding for those who strive.

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