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Stop Taking Yourself So Damn Seriously!

Ahh. There is a burning sensation in my heart.

I have been trying to shrug off this feeling for about 12 hours now, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon.

All this just because I read a reply from someone online.

One reply from someone I haven’t met, even once, and I am letting that reply affect my mood for one entire day.

I thought a nap would help me let this go away, but no, this feeling isn’t going anywhere, and that is when I realized.

I take myself too damn seriously!

I mean, I can easily blame it on how I am a millennial or how social media has made us so damn sensitive to react to comments.

Or how easily I can evoke self-deprecating responses to any small thing which seems to be directed towards me.

One moment, it was just morning when I woke up telling myself that, “I have my shit together!” and next moment, poof! That comment just sloshed my day for me.

Dejected with not being able to figure out what was killing the insides of me, I went straight after the nap to get lost in the first book that I could lay my hands on.

Then, the magic happened.

This was the subtle art of not giving a fuck!
Subtlety 3#: “Whether you realize it or not, you are always choosing what to give a fuck about.”

First of all, I can never get enough of this book, “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck” and I am always finding myself reading it over and over again and with each passing time, it becomes more and more relevant to ‘living’ life.

Second, this is what I realized.

Here is someone I don’t even know, haven’t even met, and he wrote something which I knew wasn’t my intention, and I was blaming myself for it?! I mean, how absurd was that?

I had chosen to give a damn about this whole situation when even I understood I shouldn’t have.

I had so easily jumped to taking the blame for the whole situation and not for once, thought about how his ego/attitude could also (maybe) be at play.

It was a two-sided conversation, after all.

I did clear my intention with him, but then, it is up to him if he wants to understand the other side or not.

All I can do is be satisfied with my ‘able’ response and choose to not give any further fucks to his understanding of the situation.

I choose not to let comments like those spoil my day, heck my time!

That is when I choose not to give a damn to that situation!

Here’s what I did!

I contented myself that the response I gave was an able one.

I did not assume anything from his perspective because what is the point?!

I laughed off how I nearly spent most of the day cribbing about it to my self.

I joined my family to watch a rather crazy Bollywood flick. Now that is where I did choose to give a fuck.

By merely replacing the situation, I had executed the subtle art of not giving a fuck.

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