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I was decision fatigued so I just did it

I started an Instagram account back in 2018, called Empower To Strive (ETS). The aim remains to inspire and encourage the strivers, the empowerers, and the doers through all domains of life. More importantly, center it around Growth Mindset for my intense belief in it being a strong guiding force to wade through life and its trials.

For many reasons, I could never become consistent in posting content on it or the website for these two years. I won't shy away from the reasons as to why I couldn't do it. Sometimes, I was plain lazy, other times, I wasn't sure if I was doing something which could be described as 'productive.' But most of the time, I used my work schedule as the best excuse to shy away from my goal of promoting this crazy and beneficial way of living.

Not anymore.

My solution?

I got rid of Empower To Strive's Instagram and the Facebook page!

If you are curious why I did that, it was because I was decision fatigued.

In my everyday existentialism-struck life, the last thing that I wanted to was to be bothered by the thought of not completing well what I had started once. During one of the days in the lockdown, when I read my website, I realized how bland it seemed.

This week, I was just looking at my IG accounts, and I caught myself in a loop while figuring out a better way to execute my ideas. Some ideas thought way back in 2018.

That is why an appealing thought struck me.

Why don't I personalize my ideas around Growth Mindset and bring them to life?

How about putting a human side to my daily trials of life. Maybe, just maybe, that will have more impact than maintaining another quote-sy Instagram account.

With this, I decided to merge my website with my personal Instagram and Facebook account. I must admit, the introvert in my took a lot of time to accept this and strength to go ahead with this decision.

Initially, I had planned to make ETS a community - for a more substantial impact. But here's what I have learned about making an impact in the world.

'Forget about changing the world; first, begin changing yourself for good.'

What is the (NEW) Empower To Strive Website, then?

A TL;DR version would be "A Growth Mindset Blog, but Devieka Style."

A bullet point format would entail the following:

  • A shot at advocating this beautiful mindset for those looking to live a productive lifestyle

  • An attempt to vocalize my thoughts on a public platform

  • A space to challenge my introversion and step out of my comfort zone

  • Humans are wired for stories; so maybe inspire someone out there to become a better version of themselves

  • More importantly, allow me to own up to being unabashedly me. As a friend puts it, "You should be proud of what you're doing."

I look forward to a lot of writing from here on. I also look forward to reading your thoughts on them through comments or messages.

Oh btw, I encourage you to say a quick hi, at:

Facebook account:

Instagram account:

or even get notified about my new posts by subscribing to my newsletter.

Till then, stay well!

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