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Before you send your resume, ask yourself these 12 questions.

There's no point in going around in circles. How about we get started right away?

1. Can the interviewer understand the main sections within 5 seconds?

2. Is there consistent formatting throughout the resume?

3. Do you feel the resume is easy to read and aesthetically pleasing?

4. Does your resume have your name, contact details, and LinkedIn at the top of the page?

5. Is your resume crafted to the specific job you're applying to and, hence, has the relevant critical skills and experience?

6. Is the information provided in reverse chronological order?

7. Did you use action verbs and active language in the job description, such as "conducted," "implemented," "increased," etc.?

8. Have you quantified your job description well and haven't exaggerated it?

9. Have you used bullet points to keep the resume concise?

10. Did you do a proper spell check and applied punctuation wherever necessary?

11. Did you ask your friend to read your resume for you and give their input about first impressions?

12. Are you confident that you can defend everything written on that piece of paper?

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